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Clean Planet remains committed to providing components for automotive efficiency for America's supply chain that is working tirelessly to keep Americans fed, sheltered, clothed, and moving forward.  Contact your OEM or us directly to order Oil Evac Valve Kits to expedite used oil changes for your fleet and help ensure accomplished deadlines.

  • Reduce down time for oil changes during this high stress time of unprecedented demands on the trucking industry to keep America supplied and functioning.  

  • UPS, Ruan Transportation and Sysco Foods are some of our largest customers that both retrofit trucks in service and order new trucks with our kits installed at the OEM's truck ready centers.  This little kit reduces used oil removal time from the traditional gravity drain time of 30 minutes to 3 minutes via our evacuation system that permanently replaces the manufacturer's drain plug. 

  • Contact us to learn why our Valve Kit Evac system is a favorite of several large fleets for fast, sustainable management.  540.487.9665

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Ecology Meets Economy

Clean Planet Mfg. & Labs, Inc. ​is a privately held, woman-owned, board governed, and family operated sustainable manufacturing company located in Virginia's Central Shenandoah Valley.  In our manufacturing complex, we also house a research and development lab to explore and bring to market the latest and safest automotive and heavy equipment fluid management products for OEMs, end-users, mechanical technicians, and, of course...


The Environment!


We are always excited to meet companies that share our commitment to advancing commerce while simultaneously striving to ensure our environment and people are protected in the process. 

Our mission at Clean Planet Mfg. & Labs, Inc. is to help strike and maintain a balance between sustainability and economy in the supply chain that keeps the world moving, supplied, and environmentally responsible for generations to come.

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Custom Kits for All Major OEM Brands & Models, Including...
  • Daimler

  • Freightliner

  • Kenworth

  • Volvo

  • Paccar

  • John Deere

  • Komatsu

  • Hitachi

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At CPMI, we not only manufacture products that evacuate used fluids from engine-supporting reservoirs without spills to damage the environment or endanger the health of technicians, but we also offer the following services to a broad range of customers: 

Our Services
  • ​Valve Kit Installations

  • Installation Training

  • Environmental Technician Certification

  • Consultations

  • ​Conference and Seminar Presentations

  • Customized Tanks

  • Industry-Specific Truck & Shop Customizations

  • Blended Ecology & Economy Presentations

  • Environmental Stewardship Evaluations

Maintaining Economy


Our products for OEMs and end users ensure spill-free removal and replenishing of oil, fuel, and other fluids found in engine-powered devices.  Our eco friendly maintenance products strike a workable and sensible balance between a clean, safe environment, improved human health, and the economics of the industries that make the globe function.

Protecting Environments


At CPMI, our mission is to enable existing and future environmental stewards to improve the environment for all of us by providing them with the education and products they need to simultaneously conduct their work and protect the environment we all share.

America's BEST GREEN FLEETS Recognizes Ruan

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Ruan Transportation, one of Clean Planet's leading customers, was recently recognized as one of America's best sustainable fleet maintenance management programs.


In September, GREEN FLEETS of the AMERICAS, a new division of the highly regarded 100 Best Fleets forum, awarded its first recipients in the commercial fleet division.  Out of the 50 top awards presented, Ruan placed 22nd. 


In response to that award, Jim Williams, CPMI's vice president and product developer, stated, "We are thrilled for Ruan and congratulate this long-established pace setter in sustainable maintenance practices.  We are also very pleased that our valve kits that are installed on Ruan's Class 8 trucks are helping this prestigious company expand its environmental footprint in the trucking-based industry and gain peer recognition in the process."

This award follows the Clean Planet and Council on Environmental Standards recognition presented to Ruan in 2019 for its historical and continued outstanding fleet management sustainability accomplishments. 

Courtesy of the Best 100 Fleets

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