CET Leads to Professional Advancement

​Clean Planet's Certified Environmental Technician (CET) Program offers one-day certification training seminars for mechanics and technicians, shop managers, anyone who exchanges fluids in automotive, equipment, marine, or industrial-based settings.  The training is also beneficial for mid and senior management level team members who are striving to improve a company’s environmental stewardship and corporate marketing. PR professionals who need to know what their companies are doing to improve their corporate environmental stewardship can also benefit from the training. To schedule a CET class through your technology, community, or four-year college's workforce program, or in your corporate training center, contact us for more information.

Let CET Help Advance Your Career!

Corporate Training Seminars
People, Planet & Profit ... the Triple Bottom Line

From board rooms to classrooms, people are learning about non-point source pollution
and its impact on human health, water, soils, and the overall environment, as a result
of the information provided by Clean Planet Mfg. & Labs, Inc’s effective team of
environmental professionals who help profit and non-profit entities alike ensure they
are walking the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet & Profit in all aspects of their


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