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Jetco Delivery, maintenance team celebrates arrival of their new CPMI Used Oil Shuttle for their shop.

Jetco Delivery was voted one of the "Top 20" Best Fleets to Drive For from the Truckload Carriers Association in 2021
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CPMI views the challenge of sustainable manufacturing as a tremendous opportunity to improve our planet.  Our design, development and production of environmentally safe waste fluids management products is the driving force of our company and the result of 30 plus years of experience in the field of heavy equipment and automotive maintenance.

Our R&D and engineering and design teams have experienced first-hand, in-field and maintenance shop servicing.  They know full well that even with the most conscientious efforts to prevent fluid spills during the maintenance process, spills will happen as long as a shop is using drain pans. They also know that wind is the service technician's enemy when changing fluids in the work field. We have designed our products to prevent the wind from broadcasting the fluids and to ensure an environmentally safe exchange of used and fresh fluids.


We invite you to experience our products for OEMs and end users ensure spill-free removal and replenishing of oil, fuel, and other fluids found in engine-powered devices.  Our eco-friendly maintenance products strike a workable and sensible balance between a clean, safe environment, improved human health, and the industries that make the globe function.

A Case Study of Environmentally Safe Oil Changes for Work Trucks and Heavy Equipment... Plecker Construction and Excavating Company
Products & Services for Fossil Fuel Powered Fleets

Since first being introduced to the Clean Planet Oil Evac Valve Kit in 2006, Timmy Plecker, owner of Plecker Construction and Excavating Company in the Central Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, has experienced exponential environmental improvements in his operation.  Plecker is a family owned, long-established icon the in Valley that owns and operates a fleet of 200 pieces of heavy equipment and work trucks and helps State, Federal, and regional customers fulfill their construction and excavation needs. 

D8 Dozer.jfif

As with any construction and excavating company, fleet down time is costly.  Because of his pressing need to keep his equipment performing on his full load of jobs, Plecker relies on both in-field and in-shop servicing of his fleet of work trucks and equipment ranging from small rollers to D8 dozers.  When Clean Planet’s Jim Williams approached Plecker in 2006 and asked if he could pilot his new invention on a few pieces of equipment and dump trucks in the work-fields, Plecker agreed to the pilot.

After the first service job, it was self-evident that what he put on my equipment and trucks was the way to improved environmental stewardship and time and costs savings for Plecker Construction.

Oil Evac Valve Kit

The Oil Evac Valve Kit is Clean Planet's flagship product.  The valve replaces the manufacturer's oil pan drain plug and eliminates the need to crawl under the vehicle to attach a hose for evacuating the used fluid.  The valve's SAFETY CHECK VALVE feature makes it the safest on the market, and it can be used on a variety of reservoirs, such as transmissions.


Brackets come in a variety of designs and placement options, making them truly customizable to customers' needs.  Made of steel and protected with durable paint, the bracket holds the distal end of the hose and quick coupler for easy attachment to a used fluids receptacle. 


Shuttles are designed for in-shop use to transport from bay to bay and receive up to 60 gallons of used fluids.  Once filled, the used fluid is then off-loaded to a shop's large recycling tank via the shuttle's controls. 

Custom Tanks

Custom Tanks come in multiple sizes and for different purposes.  From skid-loaded dual tanks for receiving used fluids and replenishing with fresh fluids in the field to small, compact tanks for use in tight places, CPMI makes them!

Stainless Pan_galley.jpg
Stainless, Plug-Free Oil Pan

Stainless, Drain-Plug-Free Oil Pans combine the best of stainless durability with the environmental and time savings advantages of a plug-free oil pan for easy and quick oil changes on those snowy days when time is of the essence.  

The Mechanic's Plug

Stop Those Messy Hose Drips when performing repair jobs!   
The Mechanic's Plug is packaged in sets of two per size and as assorted kits containing two per size measuring 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1".  We also make custom sized plugs to customers' specs.

Oil Change Efficiency Meets Stainless Pan Durability... a Real Plus for the Snow Belt!













Meet our newest product, a stainless steel, drain-plug-free

oil pan crafted with a galley that moves used oil out of the

pan without spills.  For the Snowbelt, in particular, this product

marriage between two proven companies - Clean Planet and the Snow Depot - takes snow removal fleet maintenance to a new  level. Corrosion-fighting stainless extends the life of the pan. The vacuum-actuated oil galley removes oil quickly, cleanly, and

safely in the shop or the work field and protects the environment in the process. FLEET PRICING AVAILABLE!

stainless oil pan.jpg
snow plow picture.jpg

Meet the Snow Belt's New Best Friend


On a corporate level, CPMI products are safer for employees (no used fluid contamination, no toxic spills). Companies can help satisfy shareholders' environmental concerns, and at the same time,  save significant time over traditional used fluid changes. 

On an employee level, in actual work flow operations, CPMIs patented and patent-pending products are more efficient as well as safer. To name just a few clients -- UPS, VOLVO, FREIGHTLINER, RUAN -- all have benefitted from CPMI's unique product solutions. 


In 20 minutes or less, guaranteed, we can address your specific needs and your company's concerns. Contact us to set up a phone consultation at

What typically took 30 minutes per vehicle to change used motor fluids now takes 3 minutes. In addition, no more toxic fluid spills means there is zero clean up time and zero clean up supplies cost. 


CPMI provides a patented closed-circuit system with no spill, no waste, no toxic exposure.

Immediately, more fluids are captured for recycling while eliminating transfer of dirt and foreign materials. It takes 42 gallons of crude oil, but only one gallon of used oil, to produce 2.5 quarts of new, high-quality lubricating oil. [See footnote 1]

Of course, there is zero contamination. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, one gallon of spilled used motor oil can contaminate one million gallons of fresh water. When used motor oil makes it's way through soil and/or sewer systems and reaches sewage treatment plants, even small amounts -- 50 to 100 parts per million -- can foul the water treatment process. [See footnote 2]

Long-term, because spent motor oil is heavy and sticky, and contains an extensive concentrated cocktail of toxic compounds, it can build up and persist in the environment for years. [See footnote 3]


CPMI's specialty is helping corporations simplify stewardship of used oil management challenges. In 20 minutes or less, we will address your specific needs and corporate concerns. Contact Judy Williams and Jim Williams for a problem-solving consultation at


Specialty Services

In addition to our Made in the USA product lines, CPMI also offers other precision and custom production services including:


  • Small - Medium Volume Metal Stamping

  • CNC Lathe Machining

  • TIG, MIG, and Custom-Cast Welding

  • Fabricating Services

  • Hydraulic Hose Production

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