For anyone who received a phone call from our former number 540.292.7788 July 13, 2018, between 2 and 5:30 p.m. EST, please accept our apology.  That number was stolen and sold to a robo caller who used it to electronically place non-stop calls across the country during that 3.5 hour period.  As a result, we have a new phone number, which you will find on our Contact Us page, once signed into the site. 


Thank you for your understanding!  TEAM CPMI

Welcome to Clean Planet!

We are always excited to meet companies that share our commitment to advancing commerce while simultaneously striving to ensure our environment and people are protected in the process. 


Our mission at Clean Planet Mfg. & Labs, Inc. is to help strike and maintain a balance between sustainability and economy in the supply chain that keeps the world moving, supplied, and environmentally responsible for generations to come.  

To learn about our patented, used fluids management products and how they are helping some of the world's leading companies remove environmental liability from their balance sheets, please complete the access application to your right, 

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